phpCF is a content filter written in PHP (surprise!). It’s designed to distinguish spam from ham in various contexts, such as blog comments, forums posts and the like.

It works, not unlike SpamAssassin, by assigning points for various things, such as lots of HTML usage, references to online gambling/poker, medicine offers and such. Furthermore it can take a look at an email address associated with the post and try to guess whether or not it is a typical “spammer email address”. Version 0.5b introduces an all new rules system that allows for easy writing of custom rules — a side effect of this being that the rule system is now more flexible and powerful than ever, meaning that it is possible to utilize the full power of PHP when writing rules. (Not too shabby, eh?)

Note: phpCF is beta-software and may be highly unstable. DO NOT blame me if you use it and your dog suddenly eats your favorite chess-piece, your mailbox catches fire, your computer transforms into a giant fig tree and starts obsessing about your bathroom tiles, or if you should somehow be involved in any incident involving rubber bands, large amounts of canned tomatoes, 8 aggravated platypuses on Pogo-sticks and a box of flat-head screws bent on mayhem. Don’t say you weren’t warned!


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